Some of the fitness components you and I might undertake to achieve your health and fitness goals.


    Consider how you can feel breathless went quickly going up or down a flight of stairs, this is your body showing the need for oxygen.
    Aerobic means with oxygen and aerobic fitness pertains to how well your body is able to take in oxygen and to put it to use.
    Activities that involve large muscle groups engaged in dynamic movement for prolonged periods of time re consider aerobic.
    your cardiovascular system, heart and blood vessels and your respiratory system lungs and passage work together during longer duration activities to supply working muscles and organs with the oxygen they need.
    Examples of aerobic activities include walking jogging running cycling swimming dancing sking hockey team sports such as football.

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    Muscular strengthening activities that involve all the major muscle groups are recognized as an essential component of an overall fitness program for adults as well as the young.

    Muscular fitness includes both muscular strength and muscular endurance, just as aerobic fitness is improved by stressing the heart and lungs muscular fitness requires stress or resistance to be placed on the muscles for any gain.

    Resistance training involves a variety of activities including free weights, barbells and dumbbells, weight machines, elastic bands, medicine ball, stability balls and body weight.

    When correctly performed and sensibly progressed over time resistance training can be a safe effective and enjoyable method of exercise for people of a wide range of ages, fitness levels and health conditions.

    To maintain your physical condition you must make a lifestyle choice to include resistance training on a regular basis, unfortunately physical capacity and muscular strength decrease dramatically over time if you do not engage in the resistance training.

    Resistance training results in strong muscles there for any increased capacity for force production which is not achievable with Solely aerobic based training because muscle function is the engine of your body and they must be used regularly to avoid diminishing strength.

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    Flexibility may not have the same health benefits as aerobic fitness or muscular fitness but it is an important part of your other overall physical fitness.

    Many activities require flexibility, E.g golfing, swimming, dancing and general daily activities: for example reaching, bending and twisting, although distinctly different from flexibility, balance also plays a major role in your daily functions and in addition to the value in sporting activities it’s specifically recommended for anyone who is at an increased risk of falls.

    Flexibility is the ability of a joint and the surrounding muscles to move through its full range of optimal motion.

    Improving range of motion of your joints eliminates awkward and inefficient movements allowing you to move more fluidly and eliminating some risk of injury.
    You can appreciate this through your day to day activities and in any recreational sports you may do.

    Maintaining or improving your range of motion through flexibility exercises will help you move more efficiently, for example if you improve range of motion in your hips and hamstring muscle groups which are located at the back of your thighs you can ease the task of reaching down to pick up the grocery’s bag or bending over to tie your shoes and increased stride when jogging or running.

    Several factors influence flexibility including your age, sex, joint structure and physical activity level. Females tend to have a slightly greater range of motion at more joints than males do throughout life. This is usually explained by the differences in joint structure and is often observed in joints in the upper body; for example shoulders, elbows, wrist and Neck with the exception of the trunk in which males tend to have a greater range of motion then females.

    Flexibility typically decreases with age resulting in many significant changes in the neck shoulder and trunk region, however you can minimize the changes by adhering to a regular stretching regime.

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