I have been involved in the Health & Fitness arena since 2005. I have had the fortunate opportunity of working internationally in some great health clubs in South Africa and New Zealand. Personal training for me is not only about our appearance but what makes us live longer on the inside as well. Sure we can all attend some fitness programme, walk a couple miles a day etc. which is great but our diet is a major factor to our well being on a daily basis. Here at BLACKLER personal training my main objective is to strive and help my clients not only reach their fitness goals but their nutritional goals as well, with these two combinations running at a balance helps you reach an outcome I like to call “optimum daily performance”.

My passion as a personal trainer is to help you the client reach “optimum daily performance” through well structured fitness programs and supply you with a vast knowledge of nutrition advice. Our every day lifestyles confide us to very tight time lines which in the end have only resulted in neglect to ones self, this could be through a means of very poor dietary options or an inactive life style which to me are the two key basics to optimum daily performance.  I am going to help you over come these “hurdles” as to what you thought was not possible in our time restricted day.

Motivation is another big factor that could hinder ones progress in health and fitness, I on the other hand  am highly motivated, and am passionate to the bone about health and fitness and I will support you through our journey together in our quest in accomplishing your goals. My one on one Personal Training does not stop there, motivation can still be supported through email or a text message and for the ultimate edge we can involve a family member a partner even a friend.