Complementary consultation

The complimentary consultation is not based around nutrition or training advice. I offer this complimentary consultation to firstly introduce myself and then to find out from the person what it is that they are wanting to achieve. From this information you give me I will then be able to give examples of some of the procedures needed to achieve your desired goal. Only then we can together decide which Block of sessions will suit your needs. Please be aware that under no circumstance are you obligated to use my services after this complimentary consultation.

Each block of sessions includes the following:

Life style analysis

This is to help me get an understanding of a person’s daily routine e.g.: the amount of hours slept, amount of food that is eaten, stress levels, recreation time, work schedule etc. This information allows me to design a routine for your training schedule, eating plan and to offer advice on how to manage stress levels.

Body composition assessment

With this procedure I will work out your body fat percentage aka BF%. The reason behind this is firstly to keep track of progress. Secondly, to allow me to write an eating plan according to your body composition e.g. you want to feed the muscle not the fat. Through out the time that we work together I will be applying this assessment at certain intervals of your training. This process is just another process in help us keep you on track with your desired fitness goal.

Goal setting

Setting goals is an important step in helping you to achieve your desired outcome within a certain time frame. Not having a timeframe set in place Will generally allow a person to get complacent and sidetracked, this normally will create irritation, loss of focus and as a result of this the person then just gives up. So having the goals set in place is an important step so that the person knows what to do, when to do it.

Nutrition plan

What to eat, when to eat and how much to eat is a vital role when wanting to change your body composition. The information I obtained from your Body assessment, Life style analysis will help me design your customized nutrition plan. No two people can follow this same nutrition plan as is designed around fitting in with their lifestyle. Each persons daily schedule is different, some people have the opportunity to sit down and eat solid meals where as the next person might not have these opportunities and requires a different approach.

Training schedule

There is a minimum amount of exercise a persons body needs to either to maintain their current fitness level or if they are looking to improve their physique and go forward. For example if you are training with me three times a week but your goal requires you to train five days per week, then I will draw up a schedule for those two days that you’re on your own.

Health screening

Normally known as a PAR-Q, understanding a person’s past medical history e.g. old injuries, operations or medication is just a few things that could hinder one’s fitness capabilities. By me getting an understanding of these I am able to prescribe safe and effective training routines for each individual.

Personal Training Fees

-Five PT sessions – £200

-Ten PT sessions – £350

-Ten PT sessions – £250 (off peak hours between 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday)

**T&C’s apply*** Please contact me for further information regarding T&C’s.