Why is Proper Nutrition Important?

Are nutrition and health related? Is healthy eating important?
There is no escaping it, the answer is YES!

Like a finely-tuned racing car, your body needs the right fuel (food) and regular maintenance (exercise, lifestyle and mental attitude) to achieve its true health potential. Nothing is more important than healthy eating! Put in the wrong fuel or let it go without regular use and there’s no way it can deliver its full power and performance. Without healthy eating, your body’s engine will cough, splutter and eventually stall.

  • Give you vitality and energy for life
  • Help you stay at a weight that’s right for you
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve sports performance
  • Delay the effects of aging
  • Keep you active and fit into old age
  • Help beat tiredness and fatigue
  • Protect teeth and keep gums healthy
  • Enhance your ability to concentrate and possible alter mood
  • Ward off serious illnesses like heart disease, certain cancers, mature-age onset diabetes, and gallbladder disease
I offer nutrition coaching to all my clients, providing a step-by-step understanding of the benefits of starchy carbohydrates, high fibre goodness, and tasty low fat options while at the same time advising on the benefits and potentials pitfalls of vitamins, minerals and supplements.  By understanding the importance of media buzz words such as ‘super foods’, anti-oxidants and hydration, your general feeling of well being can improve in a matter of weeks.



Some Little Known Facts:

  • Get Your anti-oxidants in the Morning. Coffee’s not only our morning wake-up call, it’s also the No. 1 source of antioxidants in our diets, outpacing even cranberries and red grapes.

  • You can eat the outside of a kiwi! Some people are intimidated by the fuzzy layer on kiwis but no need, because the skin is completely edible and can boost both the fiber and Vitamin C content of the fruit.

  • It is a myth that you need sports drinks instead of water when you are training. While you may need additional salt intake if you are running a marathon or similar, water is all you need when working out.