• Whats your excuse?

    “I have no time” they say!

    People get confused sometimes when it comes to a fitness routine. Training sessions are not meant to be 3 hrs long and six times per week…..no! For you to move forward in any type of fitness component e.g. muscular fitness or cardiovascular endurance you need only three sessions per week of a moderate to intense session. Times may vary depending on the fitness component but lets use the two above as examples. Muscular fitness known as resistance training, this component only needs 45-60min of moderate to intense activity three times per week for improvement….thats it! Cardiovascular endurance commonly know as Cardio. For an improvement in this activity one only needs 20-45min three times per week….seriously!
    What Im trying to get at here is that people or most cry and say I can’t get fit or in shape BECAUSE I HAVE NO TIME. Above Ive just explained whats need (in a nut shell) and you cannot tell me that out of one week (seven days) that you cannot put the above time aside to start getting your health and fitness back on track, that i can’t believe.

    Try starting out with just once per week then when you get comfortable with that increase to twice per week etc. Its a lifestyle change yes I know but trust me this can be done, don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow has been waiting for years already. Start today if you can or worst case make it your goal that tomorrow morning when you wake you are going to put on your walking shoes and do a 20min walk…….you will feel great afterwards!

    Make it interesting get to your local park or reserve and walk in there, sights to be seen and its great to be outdoors as well. Get you partner to join this will help motivation but please don’t leave it for to long because time waits for no man.


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