• Ukbff south coast 2014 before and after.

    I took the plunge this year into getting ready for april 2014 ukbff beginners class. Funny thing is that I’m a personal trainer but in the before picture you can see that I took “bulking” to the next level….siss! Anyway I started in Jan 2014 which was 16 weeks out. Here I started neatening up the calorie intake and kept an eye on the weight gradually cutting 300calories from carbs until yes comp day at a weight of 81kg. This time around, 2015 I will start again in jan and yes use some of the helpful hints that I have received from the competitive bodybuilders at my gym The Forest Gym, Crawley.

    Lets see how 2015 pre turns out!

    1897839_362114273929246_129646260_n 20140420_185315

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