• The Forest Gym, Crawley

    The Forest Gym, Crawley

    The Forest Gym is the leading Hardcore Gym in Sussex for Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, Athletes and other Sportsmen and Sportswomen.

    I train most my clients at The Forest Gym based in Crawley, Tilgate Park (round the back of K2 Leisure Center). It may be tough to get started in this gym with the people around you, It is a typical bodybuilding gym. If you don’t feel comfortable entering alone then always give me a call to welcome you to the gym. Harold Marillier has been Manager for twelve years and has really built up the reputation of the Gym via his own and his wife, Karen Marillier’s, contest results.

    The Forest Gym really is in a forest. It is in Tilgate Forest on the south side of Crawley. The gym is completely surrounded by trees and are located on a road that leads from the A23 London – Brighton Road up into Tilgate Park. The junction is a set of traffic lights on the A23, just ½ mile from Junction 11 on the M23, and gives access to the K2 Leisure Centre. Turn off the A23 as though you are going to K2 and then branch off to the right on the road that leads up into the Forest – you will see many log cabins leased to various sports and leisure groups.

    If you feel like gaining muscle or losing a few pounds, The Forest Gym is the perfect place for you. As I said before I can welcome you to a session to gain some confidence in the gym, the people are very friendly and will be welcome by two lovely dogs!

    Every Bodybuilder knows that the only way to build a powerful body with good shape, size, separation and real world muscle coordination is by using free weights. And exercises with free weights will be the foundation of many programs once initial induction courses have been completed. The Gym has Ivanko Olympic standard barbells and Olympic plates plus pre-set barbells up to 50 kg. Our multiple dumbbell sets go up to 75kg.

    Adam Blackler – Personal Trainer

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