• Personal Training – Horsham

    I hope we all had a great festive season!

    That has come and gone and out of the way now, so what steps are you taking to get your health and fitness levels to where they should be? I know myself that I put my guard down over this time and ate some naughty stuff that I normally steer away from but its now time get get back on track with it all.

    If you are finding it difficult getting your head around this health and fitness game and are not sure where to start you might be in luck! I am a mobile personal trainer that covers quiet a large area, 15 mile radius from Crawley. I also train clients out of the Forest Gym, this is where we go if we need the good old heavy stuff. I have a handful of clients in the Horsham area all the way up to Westerham, Kent. So if you are wanting to add a couple inches on them biceps, shed a little body fat or even compete in a physique or bodybuilding show I will be able to give you nutrition advice, the training techniques that will help get you there more efficiently.

    Adam Blackler
    West Sussex

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