• Nutrition – Getting it all in.

    I am sure you have heard the words “I battle to eat enough” or “I can’t always fit my meals in”. Well I’ve used these words before myself, and yes its tough especially with the busy life styles we have these days but I don’t think it is an excuse.

    I am a personal trainer so my days sometimes unfold where I have a handful of clients in a row and do not get the opportunity to sit and eat. I have figured out a way to over come this, which I think can be helpful to you as well if you are serious about getting in your daily macros in, especially if putting on muscle is your game.

    Blending – yes you heard that right, blend your food. Im not saying blend every single meal no! What you can do is sit and workout the definite times you can sit down for a solid meal and then maybe at those times that are not possible is where the blended meals come into action.

    So let me give you ann example:

    7am meal one: Breakfast – solid meal. This you can consume before you leave for work, easy.

    10am Meal Two: This can be blended.

    1pm Meal three: Here again its a solid meal.

    4pm Meal four: and its back to the blender.

    7pm Dinner: Solid meal.

    This is just an example of how you could plan your day and this makes sure that we get all the macros we need. People leave to much of a gap between meals which is not good at all. Blood sugars drop very low and not only that because you get so hungry during this fast we normally “pig out” on the closest thing we can get our hands on…junk food! Each meal should have a good balance of essential fats, complex carbohydrates and yes you guessed it PROTEIN.

    If you you are currently working out trying to get stronger or put lean mass on, for every three hours your body is not digesting a quality protein source it actually turns to your current muscle mass and start breaking it down from that. Now if you like me and are in the quest for more and more lean muscle mass the above statement concerns me. Its simple make sure you have good quality nutrition going through the system every three hours…period! This will help stop muscle break down know as catabolism.


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