I am a strong believer in constructive feedback, both to my clients during training and with regards to the training services and nutrition coaching that I provide. Below are some comments kindly provided, all given since January 2015. No clients were threatened or harmed in the creation of this page!

“Beyond my Expectations”

Adam has been helping me to achieve my goals over the last 18 months, during which time I have seen results beyond my expectations. Adam not only has a wealth of practical knowledge in respect of diet and how to change the body, but more importantly Adam is a great listener, teacher and motivator. The sessions can be hard work, but it’s always extremely rewarding. I can’t recommend Blacker Personal Training enough.
N Kerman

“Professional and Friendly”

Blackler Personal Training provides an excellent personal training and nutrition advice service. Always both professional and friendly, Blackler Personal Training will tailor fitness programmes to suit you. It makes training achievable and enjoyable for everyone.
I have been training with Blackler Personal Training for over two years and would highly recommend it to anyone.
Alan Yorke

“Highly Recommended”

I’ve been with Adam for over two years now. He has taught me all about nutrition, what foods to eat without having to diet and guided me through training sessions with him. He has helped me lose weight, tone up and transform my body. He comes highly recommended.

“Training with Mentoring”

Adam has changed our lives. He combines training with mentoring and helps you achieve things that not even you could imagine. He has planted little seeds which are now helping us grow. Personal training is a journey and we hope Adam will be our life long companion, pushing us to new levels of fitness and help us live a healthy and fit life. Thank you for all your support dear friend.
Martin Rose

“Supportive and Knowledgeable”

Adam is very supportive and knowledgeable. He understands my personal goals and is realistic about how to achieve them while pushing me very hard. It’s all good fun.
Abhisek Mukherjee

“Look no further!”

Adam is a great Personal Trainer. I immediately felt comfortable with him and quickly built up a good professional relationship with him. He has an incredible amount of knowledge specific of dieting, training and general well-being. I have already recommended him to friends and will continue to do so. Look no further!
James Brown

“Highly Motivated and Committed”

I have worked with Blackler personal trainer and his commitment and support has seen me through size 12 to 8. If I were to summarise I’d say highly motivated and committed, results driven, professional and kind.I have had the opportunity to work with different trainers even in another country and say with confidence Blackler Personal training has a holistic approach that works. He understands the role between emotions and food, exercise and stress and most importantly what I get from him is the motivation to make lifestyle changes not simply loose weight. As a result I am wiser in my choices, aware and motivated and now enjoy it all, the exercise, the meals, checking in with where I am in my fitness, working hard and seeing results :). He listens, goes the extra mile using text messages, revisiting plans if something does not seem right and seems very much to have his clients interest and results as first priority. On that note I’d like to say a huge thank you to Blackler Personal Training.
Diantha Dookie