• James Brown – Client – before and after.

    James approached me at the end of October 2014 for some Personal Training at the Forest Gym, Crawley. His request at the time was to get back his energy, get a good understanding about good eating habits, increase strength a add some lean muscle mass.

    I sat down with James to see what he does in his everyday routine. I first looked at what he was eating, how much and how often. This I found to be somewhat all over the place, some days he would not eat breakfast and on days he did it was something from a packet. On most days he had a huge gap between meals and then again when he ate it was not the rite food. This had to change immediately I told him. I put in place five solid meals, each meal consisted of a lean meat, complex carbohydrate and essential fats. Just to keep him on track with being consistent I incorporated what I call a “reward meal”. A reward meal is a meal of your choice for example something nasty like a takeaway fish and chips and this I let him do every five days only for one meal. He obviously had to stick to the game plan for the five days to get that meal….hence reward meal!

    We looked at his exercise routine and he was not currently doing any resistance training, cardio etc. I put together a training routing which split his body over four days – Four day split, and complemented this with only two days of cardiovascular training after the first and third session. James was with me twice per week and training on his own for the other two sessions.

    I got onto the topic about rest and how important it is not only for people who undertake strenuous exercise but the less active as well. I explained this is the body time to reboot so to speak. It gives it time out to replenish and rebuild what life had given it that day….so yes no more 12pm bead times!

    I have posted up a before and after (oct2014 – 6th feb2015) picture of what James has accomplished through my Personal Training and advice complemented with his commitment and very hard work. I say to some of my clients that I’m only going to see you for one, two, three hrs per week and its up to you to take home my guidance and put it in place to help the whole journey to be effective.

    Big well done again to James Brown for keeping his head down and achieving what he deserved.

    Adam Blackler
    Personal Trainer
    Blackler Personal Training10959325_511091602364845_1950808391797547882_n

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