Am I right for you?

My clients include men and women of all ages with goals ranging from weight loss and toning, managing medical issues, increased athletic stamina through to experienced bodybuilding enthusiasts seeking to improve lean muscle mass. They all came to me with the same question. Can I provide the right level of training to achieve their goals? In the 10 years I have been a personal trainer, working with clients all over the world, I have developed various techniques to ensure that with the proper motivation, your goals can be achieved. I do not judge my clients, I look forward to working with anyone that wants to improve their health. The first step is to assess where you are today.

Health Assessment

For both your safety and to ensure achieving the most from training, I offer a range of assessments to all new client before we can start any form of exercise schedule.

This all starts with a health questionnaire. Any information provided is completely private and confidential. This enables me to do everything possible to help you achieve your goals in safety.

Combined with an understanding of your lifestyle, I then offer a fitness assessment. Using a few simple exercises, I can gauge your fitness levels and so begin your personalised exercise routine from a suitable point.